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Can Rosacea Go Into Remission?

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Posted 18 May 2011 - 08:20 AM

Some Anecdotal Reports Say Yes

an editorial by Brady Barrows

This subject is an interesting one since this gives rosaceans hope if rosacea goes into remission. Does it?

According to Dr. Tony Chu, "Eventually the problem will go away..."

Also, it is important to note that the word remission means different things to different people so it really depends on the context how the word is used. For example, a couple of articles seem to reflect this hope of rosacea going into remission:

Topical metronidazole maintains remission of rosacea.
Dahl MV, Katz HI, Krueger GG, Millikan LE, Odom RB, Parker F, Wolf JE Jr, Aly R, Bayles C, Reusser B, Weidner M, Coleman E, Patrignelli R, Tuley MR, Baker MO, Herndon JH Jr, Czernielewski JM.

Use of topical products for maintaining remission in rosacea. Wilkin JK

Based upon the above two articles I think using the term remission in rosacea is quite broad. The first article says that "In a majority of subjects studied, continued treatment with metronidazole gel alone maintains remission of moderate to severe rosacea induced by treatment with oral tetracycline and topical metronidazole gel." The remission is with 'moderate to severe rosacea' which qualifies the remission. The second article has no abstract available but also uses the term remission. Apparently remission has the meaning of "a temporary or permanent decrease or subsidence of manifestations of a disease" according to this dictionary.

To show you how 'remission' means different things to different people, read this first thread started by Judworth on June 11, 2010. In this thread there are several links to remission topics that show you how varied the term is used amongst professionals and with rosacea sufferers.

Anecdotal Reports of Remission

Here are a few anecdotal reports that rosacea does indeed go into remission. One problem with these reports is there is no follow up on whether these rosacea sufferers remain in remission or for how long they remain in remission. All we have is what I have collected below:

Jeff ONeil
jasper_vadermy rosacea did not go into remission
kerri-ann price
Hy Tran
Where's the Blush?

If you have any more reports please post them in this thread.